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You can be confident your dental implant is placed or restored by shade and color experts with many years of expertise and training. The procedure is quick, providing you with an implant-retained tooth even on the very same day. And that steak dinner you’ve been dreaming of is now possible, thanks to your new implant. Go on – eat and smile with confidence. You deserve it! Our superior team of dentists in Tysons Corner and Vienna, VA, are passionate about restoring function and beauty to your mouth with dental implants. We invite you to schedule your consultation today!

Implant Crown Placement Q & A

Visualize the Following Scene:

You’re invited to a nice steak dinner at a friend’s house. As you watch the sunset, sipping on your red wine, you reflect on how good your steak tasted. You hadn’t eaten steak in years due to issues with your teeth, but now, thanks to your new dental implants, you’re free to indulge once again. And it’s truly unbelievable, but your dental implants were just placed that very same morning!

This scene is a true story from a Tria Dental Tysons patient. Whether you suffer from injured, decayed, or missing teeth, a natural-looking dental implant could change your quality of life, bringing renewed function and aesthetics to your smile.

The two-part dental implants process is a simple one: A titanium tooth “root” is inserted into the gumline and then capped with a restoration (porcelain crown). Dental implants provide a strong foundation for both a missing single tooth and multiple missing teeth. They prevent bone loss and prevent your other teeth from shifting to fill the space left behind by a missing tooth. More than anything, dental implants give you the confidence to smile and eat without shame or embarrassment. Your quality of life will soar from this simple procedure!

Educated and Connected

As cutting-edge dentists, our team has vast experience providing dental implants to patients in and around Tyson Corner and Vienna, VA. With numerous hours attending continuing education at the Academy of Osseointegration and a Northern Virginia study club, our dentists stay highly qualified in their field. Our dentists love traveling all over the country taking the best and current courses available, especially in the field of dental implants. In addition, we partner with a highly-experienced oral surgeon who places the actual implant “root” portion of the two-part implant process. We then place the beautiful, life-like, ceramic restorations over the implant. Using state-of-the-art materials, conserving bone, and keeping up-to-date on all procedures ensures you will leave our practice with a beautiful and healthy-looking smile. What are you waiting for?



"Friendly staff + a convenient location + professional care = a great experience for my whole family!"


"Great experience as always. I have been going to them since I was a kid. They are always kind and they do great work."


"Everything about this practice is super professional and extremely friendly - I have been a patient for years, and keep coming back!"


"Everyone was so friendly and helped me keep track of time so I could make a work meeting. Thanks, Tria Dental!"

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